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Rabbit Control:

Rabbits are a major agricultural pest within the UK.
DEFRA estimate the UK population at 30 million and rising.
Myxomatosis is no longer a controlling factor.
On average each rabbit causes £10 of crop damage a year, more in horticultural and other high-risk crops.

Rabbits eat 1lb of green matter a day i.e 1 square yard of winter cereal.
There is a statutory requirement for all occupiers of land , whatever its use, to control wild rabbits.
Good rabbit control, carried out at the correct time and in the correct way, can be very cost effective.

Bird Control:

Birds can be a problem when they find their way into a building looking for food or simply looking to roost and be sheltered. This can cause an undesirable effect visually and in terms of health.

Major bird control issues:

Risk Of Infection
Damage To Property
Insect Bites
Bird Droppings
Bad Smells

Fox Control:

The red fox is native to the British Isles, and widespread throughout mainland Britain.

Its adaptable and opportunistic nature has made it a successful species; however this has created a nuisance for people. Especially in rural situations, such problems can arise where livestock or game animals are kept.

Although foxes are a welcome vision for some people around their homes or in parkland, foxes can cause significant damage – hence the need for fox control services. Foxes have only limited protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 but are protected from abuse and ill-treatment by the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996.

We can control foxes using live catch traps that are baited and set in areas of known fox activity.

Foxes are becoming increasingly common in urban society and can cause problems in people’s gardens.

This is a threat to the lives of pets. They are known carriers of sarcoptic mange (scabies), which is transferable to humans. They also carry distemper virus which can be fatal for pets.

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